Job ads and jobs in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a job in Luxembourg? Consult the hundreds of job offers, and follow the recruiters of the Grand Duchy to find a job.

Financial market and job offers

Luxembourg is the 2nd largest investment fund center in the world and the largest in Europe. It is particularly recognized for its steady political and economic environment, which provides an ideal tax framework for companies and investors. Luxembourg is home to a wide range of financial services (30% of GDP), with many jobs in banking, or in accounting / tax. The IT sector, and more generally the fields of engineering, research and development infrastructures and health also offer a myriad of job openings to which you can apply by responding to job ads. For a long time driven by the steel industry, today's economy is driven by jobs in the service sector. Unemployment is lower than the European average and the labor market is particularly dynamic in retail, transportation, hotels and restaurants, financial and insurance activities, construction, and information technology. Many companies have ongoing recruitment campaigns aimed at managers, employees and workers. Another characteristic of the country: half of the workforce are cross-border workers!

Living and working in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers many advantages: international working environment, high salaries, quality of life and health care system. Every year, it attracts a large number of applications from people wishing to settle here, students, experienced or senior professionals, looking for an internship, a temporary contract, or a permanent contract. Perhaps you will soon be applying for a job?

At the heart of Europe, the country shares its borders with Belgium, Germany and France. It is a member of the European Union, and also included in cross-border cooperation, promoting the economy and employment (Greater Region, Saar-lor-lux). Luxembourg (abbreviated LU) is composed of 12 cantons and 102 municipalities, with more than 600,000 inhabitants spread over an area of 2,586 km². The city of Luxembourg and Esch represent almost 60% of the total population together with their respective cantons. Finding a job is easiest in these regions because they are home to half of the country's employers. It is a cosmopolitan territory with 170 nationalities and various communities: Portuguese, French, Italian, Belgian, German, Spanish, British. The official languages are Luxembourgish, German and French. It is not uncommon to find job advertisements in these languages.