Job advertisements in the field of arts and crafts in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a job in arts and crafts? Discover all our job offers for carpenter, butcher, baker and many others in Luxembourg.

The arts and crafts sector is one of the greatest employers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and there is a wide variety of job offers in this field. You will be able to work in different professional environment such as structures specialized in food, building, beauty, and many others like arts. Many of the recruitments relate to workers or manual jobs, but this is changing over time and the need of more “intellectual” jobs is increasing. When craftspeople post a job advertisement, they are looking for professionals with know-how and motivation to join their company. Indeed, working in the arts and crafts sector is not always easy and this job often requires a good physical condition.

Recruiters offer several job opportunities, but applications are still too little compared to the development of this business sector. The Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (CDM) plays a key role in the process of promoting professions and training. Indeed, it is increasing its communication activities (events, news, digital, etc.) and gives a long list of diplomatic training on its website – as a response to the scarcity. The arts and crafts sector is one of the greatest work-study contracts providers. The Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts (Chambre des métiers) is also creating crossborder work-study contract– with Luxembourg’s bordering countries – in order to extend its offer. If you are a junior candidate, the recruiter will ensure you have a Diploma of Professional Competence (DAP or CAP in French) or a Certificate of Professional Competence (CCP in French).

If you are a graduated candidate (of a DAP or a Certificate of Proficiency) and you want to start your own business, the Chamber of Trade will help you with your structure registration process.

We are daily using objects and services from the arts and crafts business sector – such as baker’s bread, hairstyle or even home care. We can therefore consider these professionals as the worlds’ craftspeople.

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