Job advertisements on work-study contract in Luxembourg

Here are our different job offers for some work-study contracts in Luxembourg in the Banking, Arts and Crafts or Beauty and Wellness sectors.

Find several different job offers regarding work-study contracts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in this category.
This type of contract is highly prized among students as it offers a professional integration in a host company – which can be very beneficial – and offers also a professional experience. Recruiters are also regularly looking for apprentices in order to contribute to the training of a professional, who can then become a new employee and work for their company.

Nowadays, must jobs require a vocational training – such as professional experience or apprenticeship. Indeed, if you are interested in a complete training including several technical courses added to a practical aspect within a company, you will find on this page the professional opportunity you need in terms of possibilities to integrate a company in Luxembourg.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship contract or a work-study contract as part of your studies, you will find in this section many apprenticeships offers as well as work-study offers in several different sectors of activity. Professionalization contracts are possible in all kind of business sectors but particularly in Banking, Arts and Crafts, and Beauty and Wellness for different jobs.
In order to access this type of contract, there are no real requirements in terms of qualifications or level of professional experience as it is perfectly suited to beginners with less than one year of professional experience. This could be an interesting opportunity if you are looking to acquire a Diploma of Professional Competence – also called a DAP in Luxembourg.

If you are interested in a particular job offer, we advise you to take care of your application – CV and cover letter – by highlighting the qualities required for the job, in order to draw the attention of your possible future employer. When you have subsequently finished your apprenticeship, do not hesitate to apply to the job and recruitment offers available on our Moovijob site in order to find a position in your business sector.