Job advertisements beginner (less than 1 year) in Luxembourg

You have no or limited experience? Don't worry, consult our open positions for beginners in Luxembourg now!

In Luxembourg, like in other European countries, some skills or know how are becoming scarce on the recruitment market. As a result, companies are more and more resorting to end-of-year students or juniors with no or limited experience to cope with their recruitment needs. Indeed, these candidates will be provided internal trainings to enhance their skills.
Jobs offered to beginners are often end-of-year internships, that may turn afterwards into a permanent contract. However, interim missions, fixed-term contract, or permanent employment job are also offered for roles that require manual skills or limited responsibilities. In general, recruiters do not count experience you gain following your placements, student or seasonal jobs. Your seniority level starts after you complete your studies, as a graduate.

Regarding the salaries, a beginner will always have the social minimum wage: in Luxembourg, there are two level of minimum wages, qualified or not qualified). The wage can be revised each year after your annual interview. In some business sector such as in Information technology in Luxembourg, base salaries are high, due to the high number of IT players and the competition to attract IT talents.

Job vacancies for beginners are available in all business fields, whether in banking services, industry, sales, and retail, etc. You can also work as a junior paralegal officer in a law firm such as Clifford Chance Luxembourg, Luther, Molitor Avocats à la Cour, etc...Or you can work as a junior accountant within a fiduciary or a company such as Baker Tilly Luxembourg, Alter Domus, BDO Luxembourg, etc.
In addition to this, do not forget Graduate programs or traineeship that remain excellent ways to enter the job market or kickstart your career. Finally, you can also attend our yearly event - Unicareers the biggest recruitment fair for students and graduates with up to years of experience, and looking for an internship, or job opportunity in Luxembourg!

Your application must strike recruiters' attention so be creative! Adapt your files with the job descriptions to increase your chance of finding a job.