Job advertisements in the field of banking in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a job in the banking industry? Here is the list of banks and financial institutions now looking for candidates in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is the first fund centre in Europe and holds the second place internationally, behind the United-States. Today, the sector represents more than 11% of total employment and a quarter of the country’s GDP.

There are around 130 banks in Luxembourg, among which are mostly German banks such as Advanzia Bank. In terms of number, they are followed by Chinese, French, Swiss banks (Credit Suisse…). Luxemburgish banks are also present (BIL Group, Central Bank of Luxembourg…), as well as American, or British (State Street, Northern Trust…). Finally, more and more government’s administrations are advertising their job offers on Moovijob, for instance Govjobs and the CSSF.

Jobs are mainly offered in in private banking, in life-insurance and funds administration. Luxemburgish employers provide their services – in financial management and consulting – to professional clients and consumers. According to your profile, you will be working at different stage:

  • Front-office jobs: you may work as a trader in a trading-room. Chances are high that you will be offered a job in a bank agency. The sector has gone digital and many companies such as Birdee, or Fundsquare are reinforcing their team by providing vacancies for online client advisors.
  • Middle-office and Back-office represents most job ads in Luxembourg: from compliance & due diligence, to risks management, to auditing, and accounting. Professionals are dealing with financial operations and insurance contracts. Other roles are also available as fund manager or product manager.

Recruiters pay attention to your educational background and your language levels. If you hold any certification, or a specialized degree, you will increase your chance of finding job. Finally, recruitment professionals do not hesitate to hire junior profiles to cope with AML & KYC control and compliance issue.