Job advertisements for compliance officer in Luxembourg

Are you looking to work as a compliance specialist or an internal controller? We have numerous vacant positions to be filled in Luxembourg.

The compliance officer job is well represented in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. You can find these specialists in all sector of engineering, but they are mostly present in the banking industry. Thus, among the main employers there are many audit and consulting firms, financial institutions and law firms.

Working as a compliance officer consists in assessing and managing potential risks encountered by the company. You carry out audits within the different departments, and make sure the business activity complies with regulations and laws in force. Compliance activity may include diverse and various subjects: data protection, fight against frauds, anti-money laundering, terrorism financing, competition law,... Analysing and identifying risks will enable you to collect data and suggest recommendations, in terms of procedures and methods, in order to reduce the impact on profits.

In Luxembourg, recruiters are mainly looking for profiles in finance and legal. Job ads can be distinguished by the type of risks (risk manager): credit, accounting, contract, criminal, taxation, etc.
Regarding the educational background, recruitment professionals are seduced by business schools, universities, engineering and law schools, since they represent excellent hiring channels for junior profiles. The French school CFPB (Centre de formation de la profession bancaire) is a reference in terms of banking trainings. If you are about to graduate or graduated from this school, don't forget to mention it in your application file.
Lastly, it is quite common to employ headhunters to help fill this key position.

To complete your search, we advise you to use these key-words: AML-KYC, analyst or legal compliance. If you want to work as a compliance specialist, you must have good interpersonal skills. Moreover, recruiters are seduced by strong personalities, and people who are rigorous and able to follow guidelines, comply with rules in force. You are a keen observer and your curiosity will help you to reinforce your knowledge in your area of expertise.