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Lawyer, paralegal, legal are working in legal? Consult our job offers in Luxembourg.

With the rising of financial activities, Luxembourg has developed a favourable and stable legal and financial framework for potential investors. Support job positions in finance are recurrent, especially in tax, financial operations management, and investment funds. Today, the country provides many jobs, whether in financial institutions, or in legal firms, or even in government administrations or even in home office.

Paralegal and legal advisors

Very wanted in the private sector, these professionals are mostly working in the banking industry as legal advisors, or legal counsels. They are working together with risks analysts and advise the management team on compliance and legal matters. They may work as Tax specialists. In financial services, legal professionals mainly deal with corporate law, litigation law, and contract will also find job ads from consulting firms. Other roles may be offered if you possess a background in legal: compliance officer, client relationship manager...


If you want to practice as a lawyer in Luxembourg, you must first pass the Luxembourg version of the bar exam (CCDL), then you have to validate a two-year "internship" within a legal firm or services. On the website, you can find jobs using the equivalent terms: corporate lawyer, real estate ~, banking partner ~, employment or social ~. In the meantime, you will also find jobs for lawyers, specialised in criminal law, public law (see Govjobs).

On the recruitment side, hiring specialists are seduced by profiles from legal firms, with a significant experience. Luxembourg is at the heart of Europe and the sector is composed of multicultural professionals, trained throughout European schools and in Luxembourg (the University of Luxembourg provides trainings in international law). Nevertheless, if you are students or about to graduate, then your application will be highly appreciated in big legal employers such as: Arendt & Medernach, Elvinger Hoss Prussen, Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg,...don't hesitate to meet them in job fairs organised by Moovijob.