Job advertisements for tax manager in Luxembourg

Are you recognised by your pairs for your knowledge and skills in managing complex tax files? then we might have a job offer for you in Luxembourg.

Jobs in tax are well represented in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, a country reputed for the great offering of financial and legal services. The main employers are banks, consulting firms, accounting, and legal firms.

Working as a tax manager consists in supporting the company through its development, while complying with the legal framework for taxation. You identify and analyse taxable activities and reduce the impact on profits. Your aim is to reduce taxation, and make sure the business activity complies with regulations and laws in force.
In general, the job can be summarised as followed: regulatory and legal watch & risks prevention, tax management, business consulting and tax representative role before the administration. In a small company you are attached to the general management, and work on compliance monitoring, together with management controllers. In Luxembourg, chances are high that you are employed by a bank, a fund investment, a legal or a consulting firm. You will be managing a team, composed of specialists in: VAT, transaction taxation, FATCA, CRS, etc.

Job ads are numerous and can be found with several terms such as: VAT Manager, Senior Tax Advisor, Head of compliance, "Responsable Finance et Comptabilité". Also, it is quite common to employ headhunters to help fill this key position.

Regarding the profiles, recruiters are seduced by professionals with a dual expertise in finance/legal. If you graduated from a business school, with a major in fiscal law or you are a legal counsel, or a lawyer, specialised in financial services you will surely boost your application. If you are currently a Tax specialist, you may want to move on to a management position.