Job advertisements for lawyer in Luxembourg

On this page, you will find an overview of job opportunities proposed by companies and law firms that are hiring Lawyers in Luxembourg.

Find your future job as a lawyer on You will discover a large number of job advertisements in the legal category on this page.
The job of a lawyer is very recognized in the recruitment market in Luxembourg. Indeed, it is a prized job by recruiters working for law firms, that is why this job is regularly found in the ranking of the 10 most sought-after professions in Luxembourg, established each year.

To become a lawyer (or an Attorney) in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you will be required to obtain a Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of lawyer in your country of residence. For example, the CAPA is a state diploma issued in France. If you want to practise in Luxembourg, you will have to complete your training with additional courses in Luxembourg law (called CCDL) which will allow you to obtain the certificate of complementary courses in Luxembourg law and lead to registration at the Luxembourg bar. Obtaining a traineeship in a law firm is also an excellent complementary way to enter this profession.

On Moovijob, you will need to adapt your application to the job offer that interests you but also to the company that published it. You can find advertisements for positions of lawyers specialised in business law, whose main task will consist in giving legal advice to companies, in labour law, whose main mission will be to support and defend their clients, or in banking law, with the aim of dealing with litigation related to the banking sector.

Regardless of your experience, you will be able to apply for a job offer and thus work as a junior lawyer if you are a young graduate, or even work as a Partner (also called a Associate) if you have significant experience. Whatever field you wish to work in, employers will be more receptive to your application if you mention your good knowledge of Luxembourg and European laws and your excellent sense of justice.
There are many opportunities to develop your career as a lawyer. You can choose to become a judge after further training, to become a tax lawyer or to become a Legal advisor.