Job advertisements for legal advisor in Luxembourg

On Moovijob, you will find several job offers for the role of Legal advisor in the job category Legal or Audit-Consulting.

Interested by new job opportunities as a legal advisor in Luxembourg? On this page, you will find all employers that are currently looking for candidates.

To become a legal advisor you must possess in-depth knowledge in the legal field. You are the main point of contact towards management teams for legal matters and must know how to use your knowledge to cope with different legal cases and give tailored recommendations and advice. Unlike a lawyer, the legal advisor does not go to plead in court but must possess very good knowledge of laws and jurisprudence related to his or her area of activity. While browsing job ads through Moovijob, you will be able to read job descriptions describing your tasks and missions. In general, your job consists in drafting and reviewing contracts, in analysing legal files and solving legal disputes. Your role also includes legal monitoring.

In Luxembourg, you are required to have a master’s degree in law (or equivalent) to be eligible to work as a legal advisor. Depending on the company, you will need to be majoring in Business Law, or Contract Law, or Competition Law...Other roles require background in law and real estate such as real estate legal advisor. If you hold the French degree CAPA (Legal Practice Course) or DJCE (Corporate law) you will increase your chance of finding job.

When sending your application to an employer, please make sure your cover letter and resume are adapted to your level of experience. As a junior you will put forward your educational background, together with your internships. If you are a senior, do not hesitate to detail your professional experiences to go farther in the recruitment process.

Career progress are numerous. After several years, the legal advisor will be allowed to manage a team of legal experts and legal assistants or paralegal officers, or you can progress as a lawyer or work in a consulting firm.

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