Job advertisements for risk manager in Luxembourg

Specialised in internal control and risks management? Discover the job opportunities to secure and companies to follow in Luxembourg.

The Risk manager can work in the industry sector, but the job is very popular in areas such as financing and investment, and accounting-controlling. The main employers are banks, insurance companies, management and holding companies, and consulting firms.

Your job consists in identifying, anticipating, analysing and preventing all the financial risks the company might encounter. The aim is to reduce the impact of these risks on the profits.
Within the banking industry, you manage a team of risks analysts, whose work is to identify and assess potential risks (credit, liquidity...). Moreover, you are working together with the management team and give recommendations regarding the strategies to adopt through your risks management policy. Depending on the missions, you will be assigned to global risks and/or disaster management. You are the main contact for insurance companies and work to find coverage solutions. You negotiate contracts to maximize reimbursements. In Luxembourg, recruiters are more looking for profiles with proven experience. Also, it is quite common to employ headhunters to help fill this key position.

Regarding schools, business schools, or universities, or engineering and law schools are ideal educational backgrounds to be considered for the role. Nevertheless, a degree or certification in audit, risk management and controlling are a must in your application. If you are a beginner, don't hesitate to apply for a job within big companies, since they have a large workforce and are more willing to employ juniors.
To complete your search, we advise you to follow and consult job ads from specialised staffing agencies. You can also use these equivalent terms: chief risk, compensation risk, or even business analyst.

If you want to work as a Risk manager, you must possess a very good general culture. This will enable you to manage several types of issues encountered by your company. You are good at managing crisis. Finally, your ability to show analytical and synthesis skills, to communicate will make it possible to train employees in risks prevention.

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