Job advertisements for business analyst in Luxembourg

This page is gathering open vacancies for the role as Business Analyst, a job that offers a great choice of opportunities in Luxembourg.

The job as Business Analyst is well represented in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, a country reputed for the many financial services and the booming ICT infrastructure. Thus, the main employers are the consulting firms, the financial and legal institutions and ICT consulting companies.

Your main mission as a functional analyst consist in carrying internal audits, within the different departments of the company. Following the collection of data and information such as KPI, organization, process…you develop, together with the project team tailored solutions regarding the company’s needs. These recommendation and action plan are reported by the consultant in the specification. You have a key role as project manager.

In Luxembourg, most of the recruiters are looking for functional consultant with a background in finance and/or computer science. Chances are high that you land a job if you possess this double major.
Requirements in terms of degree may vary from a job ad to another. Computer Science graduates from engineering schools are the most wanted for software and technical project development, whereas business school graduates are considered as ideal candidates for the position as Business Analyst, working in the field of commerce, marketing, industrial production, finance, supply chain. In general, you are more likely to secure a job as a junior if you graduated from one reputed business school. In the meantime, having a proven experience in one of the operations departments also increase your chance of finding a job.
During your search, do not forget to use these equivalent terms: product owner, information system consultant, or [assistant project owner].

In order to carry out your duties you will be asked to be a good listener and have interpersonal skills. You will need to translate and clarify the business needs to the project team. It is also essential that you possess a good knowledge of the company’s business activities. Finally, working as a Business analyst will enable you to fully use your skills in project management.