Job advertisements in the field of it consulting in Luxembourg

You would like to put forward your IT skills? Apply to our job positions for IT consultants in Luxembourg.

IT Consulting is well represented by IT services companies in Luxembourg. Like developers and infrastructure specialists, profiles of consultants are very wanted in Luxembourg. Tech companies and consulting firms are the main employers. The term refers to many roles related to advising and project management, this is the reason why you will find many job titles. Jobs in IT Consulting are often available in remote.

Business Consultant

As a business analyst you often possess a double expertise: marketing/CRM, finance, supply chain...your background in IT and in another sector will allow you to enhance your application. Indeed, job descriptions often require a profile of IT engineer, with in-depth knowledge in a functional area, or in the contrary a projects manager's profile, with a proven experience in project development (software development). Among the main employers there are IT services companies (CTG Luxembourg, InTech, ARHS, Victor Buck Services, ITS4U...) or consulting firms such as Delaware, McKinsey & Company, SCS Consulting,...

Consultant/ Project Manager

In the meantime, you will also find job ads to work as a consultant or project manager in Luxembourg. In the first hand you may be specialised in a technology. It can be either an area in computer science (data science, cloud computing, network & security...), or a programming language (Java, .NET) through a proven experience as an analyst-programmer. Your job consists in analysing a business need and providing solutions and recommendations. Thus, you are managing a project.
In the second hand, you are a project manager, PMO, CTO in charge of coordinating teams and activities. You are a Business Analyst and dealing with human resources by managing relationship between the project owner and the project team. If you browse job ads through Moovijob, you will find many job openings for consultants in the field of IT Infra.