Job advertisements for worker in Luxembourg

You are a manual worker and willing to join the building & public works or agricultural industry? Consult our job offers as a worker in Luxembourg.

The construction sector is booming since the financial crisis in 2009. Located at the heart of the Great Region, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has benefitted from a local and an increasing cross-boarding workforce in the building industry. Building projects are numerous, but employers are struggling to find qualified employees. Among the main hiring companies, we can mention the employment companies. These specialised temp agencies are excellent resources for jobseekers.

Depending on the job descriptions, your mission may differ. In the great majority of cases, you will find job ads related to the finishing works: masonry, highways and miscellaneous external works, painting, tiling. The job consists in helping specialised worker in their daily activities, by making basic tasks. Your aim is to support the daily working load of qualified construction worker, you can either realise a part or all the work. Along with the increasing projects in building, employers don't hesitate to consider all profiles available on the Luxembourg job market. Nevertheless, having a specialised degree (General certificate/Technical certificate), or at least, one or several experiences are considered an asset in your application file.
In the other hand, you may also work in the industrial maintenance, environment, or agriculture. In this case your missions may be extended and transversal. Therefore, you can be a municipal worker, and be responsible for the green spaces and gardens, or you can be a farm worker. In short, you increase your chances of finding a job if you're multiskilled.

If you want to work as a manual worker, you must be versatile and in very good shape. You must be able to work alone, or as part as a team. The more autonomous you are, the more responsibility you will get. The more responsible, the more valuable in a construction site.