Job advertisements in the field of building industry, public works, construction in Luxembourg

Looking for a job of worker or executive? Check the job offers available in Luxembourg in the Building industry, Public Works and Construction.

The Building industry / Public Works / Construction sector in Luxembourg has been booming – accompanied by an important increase in recruitments – for several years now. You just have to look at the several job offers posted by companies from this business sector is only keeping increasing day after day. Indeed, the number of building sites is constantly increasing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – but they are lacking applicants. Recruiters are therefore calling on people living near the Luxembourg border – and each time those living more and more away from the border –to occupy these positions.

We can see this trend in the Building industry / Public Works / Construction sector, and in the need of different professional profiles as workers, technicians and even engineers. The most sought-after job is bricklayer. But, it will not be difficult for you to find a job as pipe fitter or painter – due to the wide range of construction companies and their subcontractors – even if you are beginner and therefore without professional experience. The greatest amount of work will be in Luxembourg City – but you might have to travel several times to reach others building sites all over the country.

As you can see from the different job advertisements, employers in the Building industry / Public Works / Construction sector are looking for a wide number of candidates with low qualifications but highly qualified – as well as people with a higher level of education for the management and the study part of projects, for instance.
To work as a manual worker, your potential future employer may require some diplomas like Technical certificate, General certificate or Tech-Level for the junior profiles. Regarding a senior profile, you will need an HND or equivalent, an engineering or architect diploma, a Bac+2 (BTS or DUT), an engineering or architect diploma – depending on the responsibilities assimilated to the position. As construction is a sector adapting its techniques to energy, the different employers in Luxembourg must train their staff regularly and teach them new techniques and materials. Indeed, current specifications must be in accordance with the new standards making buildings more ecological and sustainable.