Job advertisements for mason, bricklayer, builder in Luxembourg

Here you will find job offers in construction sites as a bricklayer, formworker or paver in craft companies or major building groups.

As the construction and public works industry in Luxembourg is very active, there are numerous job advertisements available to recruit bricklayers. Jobs are offered by handicraft businesses (SME), whose work is often suburban construction and paving – more colloquially known as paver for this task. Nevertheless, the building industry remain the prime employment provider for construction worker.

Bricklayers are the first to intervene during the implementation of a project because they are the one in charge of the realization of the structural work. Therefore, when receiving an application file, the recruiter will make sure to check if you have knowledge regarding the realization of foundations, load-bearing walls, and slabs. Depending on the building site, the bricklayer will use different materials and techniques. Indeed, he can work as much on the construction of a house as on buildings of various sizes and functions (Housing, Administration, Trade, Industry...etc.).
For small and medium-sized structures, the bricklayer will mainly use bricks and stones as in traditional masonry. However, for greater elements, the recruiter will require knowledge of techniques related to steel reinforced concrete. This material requires other skills such as reinforcement and formwork, but these tasks are regularly given to the formworker. Similarly, the bigger the site, the more workers will be needed. This therefore requires the ability to work as a team.

In Luxembourg, employers are regularly offering fixed-term contract and temporary contract jobs to cope with their temporary increased activity. If you do not yet have training for this job, several diplomas will prepare you for it. Your course will begin with a General certificate / Technical certificate in masonry. You can then complete with a Tech-Level in order to be specialized and then an HND or equivalent to be eligible for/or rapidly move into a management position.