Job advertisements level a-level, tech-level in Luxembourg

You possess a short-cycle degree from the secondary school? Whether A-level, or tech-level or secondary school leaving diploma, or DAP in Luxembourg: we may have job offers for you.

In Luxembourg, high schools (or “lycées”) are empowered to award Advanced-level diploma. For the most part, these schools are delivering secondary school leaving diploma. In fact, the secondary education may provide candidates with the A-level (classical secondary school leaving diploma - ESC), or with the tech-level or “bac professionnel” through an education offering ranging from the technical secondary school leaving diploma - ESG, to the technician's diploma (DT), to the vocational aptitude diploma (DAP), to the vocational capacity certificate (CCP). These degrees and certificates are a major step in students' life since they represent their first exams. After completing these diploma, you can pursue your studies or apply directly for a job.

In the details, the "DAP", which may be an equivalent to the Technical Level, or the French "BTS" (or any equivalent 2-year degree) is a short cycle degree. It can be awarded as part of a work/study contract. In this case, students have a part-time work contract with a company and keep on going to schools to study for a period of 3 years.

The Advanced Level or Classical Secondary Leaving School diploma don't prepare students to work directly. If you want to increase your chance of finding a job, you will have to obtain at least a two-year technical degree, or "BTS", or "DUT" or any other equivalent. Regarding the "DAP", it can be completed with a "BTS", since very popular among the Luxembourgish recruiter’s community. It allows you to work in industry as a mechanics, electromechanics..., in the craft industry, and in the services. Employment agencies have recurrent jobs in these business fields, do not neglect them!
In the meantime, you may also join the public service. You are eligible to apply for jobs in the categories B, C and D. Do not hesitate to inquire information about vacancies while browsing jobs from Govjobs or through the portals of the Luxembourgish cities.

Finally, unemployment rate for people aged between 15-29 is particularly low in Luxembourg. Young workers are not suffering from unemployment. Send us your CV!

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