Job advertisements for mechanic in Luxembourg

On this page, you will find job offers for the role as mechanic, mechatronics engineer or electro-mechanical technician.

By consulting the job ads for the role as mechanic you will be able to apply for numerous job positions in various business sectors in Luxembourg. The term is also labeled as mechatronics technician or electro-mechanical engineer. According to the missions, you will be assigned to different tasks.

Mechanical engineers are very required by industrial and agricultural firms, car manufacturers, transportation companies operating with heavy and large goods vehicle, and other industrial and service providers. You are part of the production operatives’ team and your job consist in performing routine machinery maintenance. You install, adjust, replace equipment parts in order to increase the reliability and performance of the machines. Employers, who are recruiting on this role require profiles with a good knowledge of mechanical tools, flexible and rigorous candidates. Expected skills may vary according to the job opportunities and include competences in electricity, welding and adjusting.

Over the past few years, the hiring trend for mechanical profiles has gone through many changes. With the booming fields in electronics and electricity within the industrial sector, came along an increasing need of professionals in mechatronics and electromechanics in Luxembourg. The main employers are the automotive industry and the aeronautics, or even the marine industry. Technicians are planning routine maintenance for hydraulic and pneumatic installations.

The job requires to have at least a tech level, or a two-year technical degree. At this stage you can start working as a technician. If you hold a Master or an engineer’s degree, you can apply for a job as mechanical or mechatronics engineer. We advise you to take note of the prerequisites mentioned in each advertisement in order to adapt your application according to them and to put all the chances on your side.