Job advertisements level general certificate, technical certificate in Luxembourg

You are holding a General certificate or a Technical certificate? Find out what's in it for you in terms of job openings in Luxembourg!

The current scholar system in Luxembourg is different that of in Belgium or in France or in Germany or in the UK or in other countries. The French so-called BEP or CAP may have equivalent terms in other European countries. In France, You may obtain these certificates 2 years after 10th grade. In Luxembourg, the first professional degrees (DAP or CCP) may be obtained after 6 years in secondary school.
In the UK, you must obtain the General certificate or the Technical certificate to reach college or university. Employers value these certificates, since they prepare candidates to enter the job market. It is possible to get your diploma recognised in Luxembourg and to find a job.

If you hold a Master craftsman's certificate or "Brevet de maitrise" you will be able to set up a business in the craft sector and to train apprentices.This training provides you with managerial skills. These diplomas make it possible to work in the craft trades. Recruitment projects are numerous in construction, industry, business and personal services, etc., and the number of new recruits is increasing. In general, the job advertisements available are for manual jobs, e.g. hairdresser, production operator, driver, construction worker, etc., in the construction sector.
In Luxembourg, among the hiring employers you may find family companies, temp agency, craftsmen, specialised companies. For instance: Genista, CLK Constructions, Vereal, Synergie. Jobs are available in permanent contracts, and also in temporary contracts top cope with increasing activities.

Finally, if you want to dope your application and impress recruiters, you may need to obtain a 2-year technical degree (BTS), or a Bachelor-Licence's degree.

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