Job advertisements for production operative in Luxembourg

Discover the different job opportunities to be a production operative or factory worker in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the manufacturing sector!

Are you looking for a position as a production operative in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Discover without any further delay several job advertisements available and adapted to your profile and needs on our Moovijob website.

You will be able to benefit from several job opportunities since it is a job regularly recruited by companies – particularly for fixed-term and temporary contracts. You will be required to work in several sectors most of the time, but the sector that recruits the most production operatives remains the industrial one. Your main workplace is then the factory.

Your employer may give you several assignments such as manufacturing, testing a product and setting up the different machines, depending on the company you are applying for. You also may be required to be specialized in some professional activity – such as packaging, to lead a team of several professionals or to become an assembly operator, for example – according to the needs of the company.

In order to carry out this work successfully, you must be responsible, show a team spirit and be extremely vigilant. Do not hesitate to highlight your skills and qualities during the recruitment process in order to put the odds in your favor to get the coveted position. This job allows you to evolve quickly and offers you several responsibilities. You are therefore an essential element in the proper functioning of the manufacturing process of all kinds of products.

After having looked at most of the job advertisements available in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on our website, the access to the position of a production operative is a General certificate / Technical certificate or sometimes a Tech-Level specialized in the sought-after area.
It is necessary to carefully read each job advertisement to be sure that you can meet all the conditions required by the recruiter in order to occupy the position for which you are applying. Adapt your cover letter and resume and then submit your application every time you are interested in a job offer.