Job advertisements in the field of services for business or individual consumers in Luxembourg

Looking to work in the trades of services? Many employers are now offering vacancies in Luxembourg.

Like in the surrounding regions, the recruitment market in the service business is very dynamic and employers must find qualified candidates to cope with the increasing need.

More and more companies are outsourcing activities, and resort to services companies, whether for cleaning or client services through a call center. In this sector, available job ads are abundant. Recruiters are mainly looking for cleaning operatives or maid. However, they may be hiring specific profiles such as garbage collector or children animator. Among the hiring employers that have recurring job openings, there is Atalian global services, ITEM Lux or even Axia Intérim.

The business service sector is not the only one booming. Indeed, the personal services sector has also gone through many changes over the past years. With the current demographic evolution (ageing of the population), came along the increasing need of professionals in this field.
Many companies have been specialising in the industry to provide support and work with dependent people. Among the main employers, there is Privilège Services, Compass Group or Sofitex. Recruitment needs are for domestic helpers, childcare assistants, housekeepers. The various domestics tasks or cares are mainly operated in private homes. The cat. B driving license is therefore required and it is essential to mention it in your application file. Besides, there is a growing number of individuals who are resorting to services companies to hire nannies, or housekeepers, to take care of children and/or housing.

In general, most of jobs in services are available if you possess at least a general certificate, or technical certificate or the Luxembourgish DAP degree. Finally, companies in this field are mainly providing part-time contracts in Luxembourg.