Job advertisements for cleaning operative in Luxembourg

Here are the job offers for cleaning operative or housekeeper in Luxembourg in the category services for business or individual consumers.

Discover the several job advertisements available to work as a cleaning operative or housekeeper in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a job regularly sought after by companies that are ready to offer you different types of contracts – fixed-term or interim contract among others – depending on your professional needs.

As a cleaning operative, you will be in charge of the cleanliness, disinfection and hygiene of the several premises in which you will be working. Since you are the main element of the maintenance in the different professional environments, the recruitment market is important in Luxembourg and there are many job opportunities for this job. You can also apply for certain job advertisements posted by recruiters looking for a housekeeper to take care of the cleanliness and general maintenance of office premises, remove dust from furniture, empty paper bins and disinfect computer keyboards, for instance.

If you apply to a job advertisement to work as an industrial cleaning operative, your potential future employer will ask you to carry out cleaning and disinfection operations in several premises. In the industrial sector, you may be requested to carry out some assembly and dismantling missions in order to carry out deep cleaning, so you might have a position of responsibility. You are essential to ensure that the several hygiene and cleanliness requirements are respected.

In order to work as a cleaning operative, you need to have some knowledge and qualities specific to this sector. Indeed, you need to know the different cleaning products, to know which ones are the most suitable for which surface or the most efficient to eliminate a special type of stain. In addition to these skills, you must also have a certain sense of organization for accomplishing the several assignments you have and to anticipate for ordering the different products you need before they end.
This job of cleaning operative will also allow you to work in different professional environments – such as office, hotel, restaurant or even certain means of transportations like planes, buses or trains – depending on the job advertisement to which you are going to send your application.