Job advertisements for architect in Luxembourg

On this page, discover all the job ads for the jobs of architect and landscaper in the sector of construction and engineering in Luxembourg.

Companies are recruiting architects in Luxembourg. If you are an interior architect, a landscape architect (or landscaper) or a urban planner (also called urban planning engineer), discover our job opportunities and find your future job here.

What are the missions of an architect?

An architect's missions depend on his skills and specialisations. An interior architect's role consists in organizing the layout of an interior space for professionals or individuals, while an architect will be in charge of the different stages of a construction project (building, house...). Landscapers will be responsible for designing green spaces (like gardens or urban spaces). Architects specialized in urban planning will work in the public sector and will therefore be experts in drawing up urban plans for a town or village.
The architect is a genuine project manager, as his/her role is to support and guide the Construction site supervisor (or Construction site manager) and to ensure the smooth running of the projects in progress on the building site.

How to become an architect?

To become an architect in a company, recruiters will often require a state-recognized diploma. You can generally obtain a DEA (Diplôme d'Etat d'Architect) 5 years after the A-level (or baccalauréat). There also exists a certification to become a project manager (called HMONP), which allows you to work as a freelancer and register in the Order of Architects.

Find a job as an architect in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country in ever-changing times where many work projects are carried out every year. The recruitment market is therefore favourable to architecture and building professionals. When applying for the job of architect, make sure you write your application carefully. Employers will be receptive to several qualities on your CV and cover letter, such as your creativity, thoroughness and attention to detail. Recruiters will be even more impressed if you include your previous achievements in your resume, as well as your language skills.