Job advertisements for construction site supervisor in Luxembourg

There are several jobs in the Catering industry, so join the Horeca team as a Head waiter / waitress. Here are the job offers in Luxembourg.

If you like the Catering industry and customer contact, this job is the right for you! As a Head waiter / waitress, you will indeed take care of a set of tables and must ensure that the service runs smoothly. The Head waiter / waitress has also to prepare the tables before each service, welcome and accompany the different customer throughout the whole meal, present the various menus, inform and advise the customer, take the order, serve the food at the table – cutting the meat or poultry, for instance – issue the bill, receive the payment, clean the tables, and so on.
Depending on the job offer, as a Head waiter / waitress, you may supervise several apprentice waiters / waitresses or waiters / waitresses who will assist you in some assignments. In addition, you are also in constant contact with the kitchen staff, especially the Chef. You will indeed transmit customers' opinions, make sure that the dishes are available, ask for information about the dishes or cooking, among other assignments.

As a Head waiter / waitress, you can work in a brasserie, gastronomic or semi-gastronomic restaurant, but also in big hotels. In Luxembourg, there are a wide range of restaurants and hotels all over the country. Recruitment is very recurrent. Here is a non-exhaustive list of employers who are currently recruiting and publishing job offers: the Le Fin Gourmand restaurant, the La Villa de Camille et Julien gastronomic restaurant, the Aux Tanneries de Wiltz Hotel & Restaurant, the Le Place d'Armes Hotel, the Bistro Quai, the Hostellerie du Grünewald or the Hotel Le Royal, to just give a few examples. Restaurants are also using temping agencies to recruit professionals.

In order to work as a Head waiter / waitress in Luxembourg, you must have at least a Technical certificate specialized in the Hotel and Restaurant industry. It is crucial to be fluent in English if you want to pursue a career abroad. A Head waiter / waitress can evolve towards a job of butler – or sometimes called maître d'hôtel – or stay in the same position but in larger restaurant – at a gastronomic establishment, for instance.

It is time to please recruiters by mixing the ingredients in your application, following the perfect recipe that little and thus will make the difference.

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