Job advertisements for construction site manager in Luxembourg

You are a manager or a site foreman in the construction field and looking for a new job? Consult our job offers in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is going through many changes, especially in terms of building infrastructure and construction companies are hiring several site managers to handle multiple construction sites. On the recruitment market, employers are looking for candidate able to analyse specifications, given by design firms or architects.

Depending on the size of the company or the project, responsibilities may vary from one job description to another. For generalist roles, this analysis will enable professionals to find the right balance in terms of cost and delay. In fact, methods, and resources such as the number of employees on site and means of production (site machine and drivers included) may impact directly both profits and client's satisfaction. To have an impactful application, you must know how to manage a team daily (workload and planning, follow up and progress), and oversee quality and compliance regarding the specifications. To be eligible to work as a construction site manager, employers usually ask for 3 essentials during a recruitment: very good interpersonal skills, keen sense for organisation and responsibility.

In general, recruiters are seduced by candidates with a proven experience. However, when reading the job descriptions advertised on Moovijob, we can notice that most of them require to have degrees (from HND to Bachelor, to Master). It all depends on the project. If you apply for a job offer and have few or little experience, you must a least present a two-year technical degree in construction or public works. If you want to be considered for a position in a big company, you may be required to possess an civil engineer's degree.