Job advertisements in the field of engineering, consulting in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, many companies offer jobs in the trades of engineering and in design firms. Are you interested? Well, consult our page of offers.

A design firm is often an independant structure or a department within a company. The main mission? Provide scientific and technical consulting, that will make a project work, under the supervision of one or several engineers. Some of them are generalist, while others are specialised: civil engineering, mechanics, thermal engineering or electric, and also computer science, environment...

Design firms in Luxembourg mainly intervene in the building and construction sector, and upstream and downstream construction sites. With no surprise, the recruitment market is very dynamic. In a building project, the assigned architect will work together with a design firm by giving instructions, and recommandations.

The design engineer job is very popular in Luxembourg and recruiters are providing a large number of job positions. They carry out feasability study (project engineer). They give recommandation about what materials to use, define methods and process to best realise the work. During the project, he/she is able to carry out additional studies to adapt to any given situations. They advise their client all along the project.
Other roles for technicians and drawers are offered within design firms in Luxembourg. Here again, one may find several specialties among industrial design, project design, or architectural draughtsman.

When it comes to engineering jobs, there are many different types of job positions, and in all business sector. In sales, we might find sales engineers or sales director. We need engineers in project management, in finance as profit center manager...You can see employers are numerous and HR professionals can't wait to receive your application.