Job advertisements for draughtsman, design engineer in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a job as draughtsman or industrial designer? Specialized in construction, industry, mechanics…? Consult now our job offers!

Employers in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg looking for an industrial draughtsman are often linked to 2 main areas of activity, which are construction and industry. Depending on the company for which you want to work, the recruiter will ask you to have some specific knowledge – even if most of the technical elements are managed by engineers of the consulting firms.

Job advertisements related to the building industry often refer to mass computation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) or even electricity. In this period of the very high-speed broadband development, it is not unusual to see a wide range of job advertisements available for fiber optic installation.
Regarding the industry sector, recruitment is more focused on mechanics, hydraulics, and pneumatics. The first role of a draughtsman is to design 2D or 3D plans in order to modelize an idea or a study. In order to complete this work, you must master some specialized softwares such as Autocad, Cadwork, Solidworks, Microstation, EPLAN and many others. This is one of the first points that recruiters check when they receive an application for this job in Luxembourg. These softwares as well as numerous exchanges with the engineers, allow you to draw the different projects and thus prepare their installation.

The job as draughtsman designer requires to have at least a basic training such as an HND or equivalent (even if a Tech-Level can sometimes be enough). Several choices are available to you. If you are interested in industry, a specialized HND (BTS CPI, CRSA, AMCR, CRC, CPRP or a DUT GMP, SGM) will allow you to start in this position. A three-year technical degree such as the professional license in industrial product design or a Bachelor of Honor level such as the DSAA will allow you to increase your knowledge and learn skills in management. Otherwise, if you are interested in the building industry, you will need to possess a specialized HND (BTS Building, TP, AMCR or a DUT civil engineering).

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