Job advertisements for engineer in Luxembourg

If you are looking for a job as an engineer, generalist or specialist, in industry or services, there are many jobs in Luxembourg.

If you want to be an engineer, you must have a 5-year degree or a master's degree, provided mostly by an engineering or a specialised school. This diploma trains students and young professionals to work fast and well, to think outside the box, and to manage all types of issues via a scientific approach.
This is the reason why you can find engineers in almost every company: industry, building & construction, environment, information technology (IT), engineering consultancy, or even in banks. Recruiters are looking for civil engineers, or IT engineers, or even project engineers.

In addition to this, these are the fields that provide the most jobs: Research & Development, manufacturing, quality management, engineering consultancy. Engineers are also present in supply chain management, procurement, sales, HR, etc... Don't hesitate to use key-words or filters to precise your search (civil engineering, mechanics, chemistry, aeronautics, agribusiness,...). You can also use the filter to consult jobs that require to have a master's degree (job title may not include the term "engineer").
Regarding the skills needed, you must be quick-witted and rigorous, curious and have in-depth knowledge in your area of expertise. If you are a manager, you are expected to be a very good team player and a communicator.

With the democratization of education, and especially of the engineer's degree, came along the decline of wages. But engineers remain among the best paid professionals. Women engineers are scarce and very wanted by recruiters.

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