Job advertisements for painter in Luxembourg

Discover the several job offers for a painter specialized in the building, bodywork and industrial sectors in Luxembourg.

The job of an industrial painter can be subdivided into 3 main families. Each of them will be detailed (specialty, techniques) in the job offers.

In Luxembourg, recruiters from several building company are mostly looking looking for house painters. While studying an application, the employer will be attentive to your skills regarding your ability of getting a workplace ready and preparing a surface. In fact, in addition to painting, some job advertisements specify that the painter is also responsible for filling cracks in wall with primer for indoors activities or washing surfaces for outdoors activities. The finishing work will consist in applying paint – using a roller or brush – but also other materials such as wallpaper for instance.

Garages, and more specifically those with a bodywork department, are also regularly offering job opportunities. These companies looking for car painters require many skills during a recruitment. As you are responsible for preparing vehicles before painting them, you must be skilled at welding, removing dents, and sanding. The painter must be able to use a paint sprayer and a color chart, these are essential tools for this job.
Some specialized industries are also recruiting industrial painters. In this environment you will be expected to preparing surfaces and/or applying protective coating with a paint sprayer. In some cases, the application is automated, and the knowledge of industrial software and instruments can be conclusive in your hiring.

You can start working as an industrial painter as an apprentice. You will then work as part of a work-study/apprenticeship contract, thus preparing the General certificate, Technical certificate, or Tech-Level training course. Thereafter, you will find several opportunities in temporary contract, fixed-term contract and permanent contracts.