Job advertisements for pipe fitter in Luxembourg

Many companies are looking for pipe fitters, welders, plumbers in Luxembourg. Discover all the positions available on this page.

In the field of construction and public works or even in production, recruiters are often looking for pipe fitter, or plumber as part of a permanent contract, fixed term or temporary in Luxembourg. Thanks to a high number of companies specializing in building, employers are providing many open vacancies.

Pipe fitters can either work on a construction site or in a workshop. In the first case, the main tasks consist in carrying out routine maintenance on pipe network (assembly, cutting, torch welding or even disassembly), installing or repairing joins. In the second case, the professional creates tailored pipe systems, using valves, bends and flanges or prepare technical sheets, using CMMS tools.

In the job descriptions advertised on the website, you will notice that recruiters mainly require skills and competences in: identifying substance carried in pipping systems (liquid or gas for instance), tools (laser, ruler, chainsaw, blowtorch...), reading plans, industrial drawings and other documents. You must possess a keen sense of observation and flexibility, since working with different postures and doing night shift.

When sending your application for the position of pipe fitter, do not forget to carefully read the job descriptions, especially the part regarding the skills expected. This will enable you to adapt your resume and cover letter, and therefore stand out from the crowd and maximize your chance of finding job.
After several years of experience, you will be allowed to progress and work as a manager, site foreman or even design engineer according to your wants and expectations.