Job advertisements for welder in Luxembourg

Looking for a position of welder in Luxembourg? Here are several opportunities in industry, construction industry, shipyards and temporary work.

The job of welder can be varied because there are a wide range of working environments, materials, which require specific knowledge as mentioned in many job offers.
Whichever company you will work for, you will need to be able to study the assembly drawing and determine the most suitable welding technique. In order to draw the recruiter's attention and thus increase your chances of getting the sought position, you must master different techniques such as torch welding and the TIG, SEMI AUTOMATIC, MMA or MIG-MAG methods – they are the most requested methods during a recruitment. The materials you work with (steel, stainless steel, aluminum or thin sheets for instance) may also require specific knowledge that are essential to obtain the job.

After studying the job advertisements available on the Luxembourg labor market, we learnt that you are required to have at least a technical certificate or Tech-Level with different specialties: foundry, shaping of material, metal working, industrial boilermaker technician or toolmaker technician. This sector promotes particularly work-study or apprenticeship contracts in their recruitment. In most cases, these courses also provide training to become pipe fitter and/or boilermaker. Welders also need to be in an excellent physical condition because they often work standing up in the workshop.
Nevertheless, automation is developing among some employers and the welder must also know how to use complex equipment such as robotic cells for arc welding.

Today, some sectors such as nuclear, aeronautics, shipyards and oil exploration are looking for highly specialized and qualified workers, and there are not many candidates in Luxembourg. Other less atypical sectors such as industry, the agribusiness, the automobile industry or the building/construction and public works sector offer numerous job advertisements.