Job advertisements for carpenter, joiner in Luxembourg

On this page you will find job as a Carpenter as part of a permanent contract, or temp, or apprenticeship in Luxembourg

On, you will be able to find all companies that are providing open vacancies and hiring Carpenter or Joiner in Luxembourg.

By browsing job ads through the website you will have the possibility to apply for many vacancies in Luxembourg. The carpenter / joiner, sometimes called fitter can work as an employee within construction company, or in the retail industry or other production environment.

You can start working as a joiner if you hold a technical certificate or a tech level, or any other degree related to woodcraft. During your training, you can choose to specialise in various techniques or fields: floor installer, furniture installer, or wood interior designer. The last option enables you to gain skills in designing kitchen...The professional can also work with several materials such as aluminium, PVC or glass for example. In this case, he or she may install windows or building frameworks...

Within the past few years the role has been evolving. With the increasing interest towards ecology and environment, came along numerous eco-friendly projects. People care about the environment and value woodwork. In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, employers are looking for candidates, with experiences in using different materials and techniques. Among the qualities required you must possess a strong team spirit and be rigorous. When sending your application for a job offer, do not forget to mention your skills in the resume and the cover letter to stand out from the crowd in the recruitment process.

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