Job advertisements in the field of retail in Luxembourg

The Retail business sector is massively recruiting in Luxembourg. Discover several offers as sales specialist, cashier or self-service employee.

Large retailers is a business sector that is continuously seeking for new employees in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Several companies are offering different job opportunities such as sales specialist, cashier, self-service employee or store manager among others. Discover without any further delay the different job advertisements available on this page.

Indeed, Retail is a business sector full of job opportunities as you can see thanks to the wide range of job advertisements published by the greatest Luxembourgian recruiters in this business sector – such as Auchan, Delhaize, Match, or Lidl, for instance. You may be required to work in a supermarket, a shopping center or a warehouse.
A wide variety of positions are available in supermarkets – such as department manager, multifaced employee, cashier and sales manager. Some jobs overlap with the sales sector. In addition, for some jobs – such as order picker or logistics manager – you may be required to work in collaboration with a wide range of suppliers and manage the stock of products in a warehouse.

Your potential future employer may be looking for an employee who is specialising in a certain field – such as wine, fish, meat or fruit and vegetables, for instance. We advise you to take care of your application by giving details regarding your professional experience and hobbies. In addition, certain skills and qualities are common to the Retail business sector – such as flexible working hours, good physical condition, good interpersonal skills and team spirit, for instance. Every recruiter has his/her own prerequisites and the knowledge of customer consumption may be an asset for certain positions in this field such as project manager.

The recruitment market in the Retail business sector is quite dynamic in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Indeed, it is an essential sector particularly for the food and beverage industry and therefore for the well-being of all. For this reason, there are a wide range of job offers at all levels offered by several companies that are recruiting on a very regular basis. If you are looking for a job in the Retail business sector, we advise you to consult the job offers available on our Moovijob website and take your chance by applying!