Job advertisements in the field of sales in Luxembourg

Are you interested in working in trade and sales? Find your next job now by sending your application to numerous hiring companies in Luxembourg.

Trade and sales professions have in common the missions of advising and selling products or services to customers. In other words, selling is the realisation of a transaction enabling a good or service to be traded for money.

Mainly found in stores, shops, or car dealerships, it is the seller! He or she helps the customer make the right choice, he or she is responsible for the presentation of his or her products, and in small structures, he or she may be required to make inventories and place orders. You will sometimes find job offers in Luxembourg for telemarketers or door-to-door salespeople. Several levels of training will allow you to access this type of job, from the CAP to the BEP for example.

If you would like to work in a sales consultant position, there are many different job advertisements and offers available on Moovijob. A salesperson is called a technical salesperson or a technical sales engineer when he or she sells specialized technical or technological products or services. Depending on whether he or she works for business customers or the general public, he or she is referred to as a B2B or B2C salesperson. In banks he is called a customer advisor. In international trade, he is referred to as an import-export sales representative or international sales consultant. In all cases, they manage an existing portfolio for an employer and prospect to develop it.

Finally, when they manage a team by themselves, they will be employed as sales manager, sales executive or sales director. As the right-hand person of the sales officer, sales assistant are also offered many opportunities to take over customer files, perform some more administrative tasks or organize rounds.

Unlike many other professions, recruitment takes place in almost all sectors of activity: banking, retail, industry, IT, real estate, etc. Whether you are beginner or experienced, whether you want to be a sedentary salesperson or not, employers and recruiters in Luxembourg are already looking forward to your application!