Job advertisements for sales consultant in Luxembourg

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The term of "sales" is popular and refers to many roles in sales and retail. Recruiters in banks are looking for client advisors. Car sales representatives are wanted in car dealing companies. Shops and boutiques offer jobs as sales specialists. While searching for jobs, you will also find job descriptions for sales officers, technical sales, as well as B2C sales associates (Business to Consumer) or B2B sales managers (Business to Business), regional sales managers, account managers...In Luxembourg, where the French langage is also used, you will also see the equivalent terms such as: "chargé d'affaires", "commercial" or "responsable commercial". In order to optimise your search, and find accurate job listings, don't hesitate to use these keywords.

Working in sales consists in advising and selling tailored products or services. Sometimes you will be required to have a tech background, making it possible for you to sell technical offers. Regarding the skills needed, in general you don't need any degree, as long as you are good at building relationship. You have good abilities in prospecting new clients and negotiating contracts at the best price. You must be organised, rigorous and figures oriented. These are the main qualities he/she must have to generate profits and make the difference.

Don't make confusion between a salesperson and a sales assistant, whose job consists in dealing with orders, following up with clients, taking care of accounting tasks.