Job advertisements for cashier in Luxembourg

There are job offers for cashiers very frequently in Luxembourg, thanks to the Sales and Retail business sectors. Check here the offers and apply!

Many stores in Luxembourg – such as Auchan and Galeries Lafayette – have a high need in recruitment thanks to the opening of the Cloche d'Or shopping center. Whether you are looking for a permanent contract, an interim mission, a student or seasonal job, [job offers in the Sales] business sector](/job-offers/jobs-luxembourg/field-sales) are very common.

As a cashier, you can work in a supermarket, a small or medium-sized shop. If you are a beginner and have little experience, you will start with the Luxembourg minimum wage. Depending on the size of the company, you may have very different assignments. As a cashier, you will mainly greet customers, scan products, manage the cashing and give change, inform customers on different topics, just to name a few assignments. Depending on the employer’s needs, you can also manage the automated teller machine and then help the customer who wants to use it. If you work at a small shop, you are usually a versatile professional who can help filling the store shelves, labelling products or cleaning.
After several years working as a cashier, you can develop your career and become a Department Cashier.

There are many employers in Luxembourg including supermarkets– namely Cactus, Aldi, and Colruyt – but also gas stations – such as Aral, Q8, Total, and Shell – clothing shops – like H&M, Zara, and Casa International, for instance. The recruiters of these shops are looking for cashiers or self-service employees.
It is possible to become a cashier without any diploma. Despite this, having a General certificate / Technical certificate specialized in Sales is a real advantage. The candidates recruited will generally have some days of training to learn how to use the checkout and the adapted software.

Are you interested in this job? Do not hesitate to check the job offers available on our website on a regular basis! Submit your application now and you may be the future cashier of one of the many Luxembourg shops.