Job advertisements on student job, seasonal job in Luxembourg

Interested in a student or seasonal job in Luxembourg? Here are our job offers in the Travel-Tourism or Culture-Sport-Leisure sectors, among others.

Like many other students, you may be looking for a job to work during the summer holidays – especially in July and August – the evenings of the week or weekends – Saturdays and Sundays. Your goal is to have an additional income to finance your studies? Discover without any further delay the job offers available in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

Several companies are looking for students on a regular basis to occupy certain positions as seasonal workers, for instance. Usually, some recruiters are looking for someone to replace some colleagues during their holidays or to face a temporary increase of the business activity. A student job must be adapted to your course schedule, so you will have two compatible schedules. The purpose of a student job is to provide you with an income and not to encroach on your student life. This is why, most of the time, you will work on evenings, weekends and/or school holidays as a waiter or waitress, for instance.
Depending on the job advertisements, you may also have the opportunity to apply to some jobs in Retail – such as a host/hostess or storekeeper – since these jobs will allow you to work on weekends or during holidays, for instance.

A student job experience can also be a very good proof of organization, dynamism and willingness to work. For all these reasons, we advise you to mention each student job you had during your studies on your application – CV and cover letter – this will bring something extra to your application.
The recruitment market is also quite important in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and many employers are looking for a motivated and serious student to complete their team. Most of the time, the recruiter will offer you a fixed-term contract if you have send your application directly to the company, or temporary contract if you have seek information from a temporary employment agency.

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