Job advertisements in the field of culture, sport, leisure in Luxembourg

Discover now our Culture / Sport and Leisure category. Are you looking for a job in photography, marketing or communication in Luxembourg?

This page contains job and recruitment advertisements available in the Culture / Sport and Leisure business sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. If you are looking for a job in this field, here are the different job offers published by several recruiters.

These are job offers for all types of profile and at all levels of professional experience. There are also several different types of contracts depending on the requirements and needs of each employer – such as fixed-term contracts, seasonal or student jobs. Some companies may also offer you a part-time job. Do not hesitate to use some keywords – when you are searching for a professional opportunity on our Moovijob website. This will enable you to optimise your search and then show the most relevant job offers.
The Culture business sector includes several different positions necessary for the conservation of the cultural heritage and a certain territory – such as curator, art restorer or documentalist working in museums or libraries among others. There is also a whole another aspect that gathers the trades of cultural activities – such as cultural attaché or festival director.

There are also several different positions that you can occupy if you want to work in the Sports industry. There are opportunities to work as an event manager, structure director or sports development officer.
If you are interested in a job as a sport educator (football, horse riding, fitness or tennis for instance), you will take care of the animation of a specialized course adapted to your audience – children, adults, seniors, among others. Regarding the public sector, you can also apply for several job offers for a position in a school, middle school or high school in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – according to your qualifications and your professional needs.

Job advertisements in the Leisure business field are also available on our Moovijob website. You can send your application to work as a photographer to a Luxembourgian employer in order to create and realize an artistic project, for instance. Several different skills and qualities are required to work in the Culture / Sports and Leisure business sector. You should highlight the qualities required for the position you are applying to during your job interview – whether it is a strong cultural interest, or an excellent physical condition, or some organizational skills or creativity.