Job advertisements in the field of travel, tourism in Luxembourg

Here are the job offers for the Travel and Tourism business sector in Luxembourg. Discover also the job offers in the category hotels and restaurants.

Find on this page the several job and recruitment advertisements in the Travel and Tourism business sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. If you are looking for a position in the Tourism category, you can submit your application – CV and cover letter – to different recruiters – such as operators, travel agencies or other temporary employment agencies, for instance.

As a professional in the Travel and Tourism business sector, you will benefit from several job opportunities for different jobs specialized in this field – such as Tourism Products Manager, Travel Agent, Stewardess or Steward, as well as Guide-Interpreter among others. The main sector industries of Travel and Tourism are travel and tourist reception – such as travel agencies, airlines, etc. – as well as hosting – such as hotels, guest houses, etc. Depending on your position, you will have the opportunity to work in different professional environments.
Also, depending on the company's needs, your recruiter may give you several assignments – such as taking care of customers' flight reservations or organizing a leisure stay according to ticket prices and hotel availability, for instance.

After looking at a wide range of job offers, we have noticed that you can access to a majority of jobs in the Travel and Tourism sector thanks to an HND or equivalent diploma. However, to access a position of responsibility, a Master specialized in the Travel and Tourism sector is strongly recommended. Depending on the job offer, you may be required to provide proof of professional experience to the recruiter. There are also job offers available for beginners without professional experience in the Travel and Tourism business sector.

Travel and Tourism is a large business sector, so you will be able to find the job that suits your needs and qualifications. The greatest employers in this field in Luxembourg – such as Luxair and the CFL – are offering jobs on a regular basis. This business sector is a link between different countries and thus between several people speaking different languages. For some positions, you must be fluent in some foreign languages – such as English, Spanish, German, etc. – as one of the job’s prerequisites.