Job advertisements in the field of health, medical care, social services in Luxembourg

Discover the job offers available in Luxembourg for the Health / Medical Care / Social services sector such as psychologist or educator among others.

The Health / Medical Care / Social services business sector remains a pillar in every country and economy. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you will benefit from a wide range of job and recruitment advertisements available on our Moovijob website. Caring, looking after and helping other are your major preoccupations? Find without any further delay, thanks to our page, the job you need!

In this business sector – and depending on your job – you will be required to work in several different professional environments – such as a hospital, a retirement home, a drugstore, a laboratory or a clinic. Depending on your qualifications, this kind of job will require you to take care of a well-defined category of patients – such as senior citizens, children, people with reduced mobility or top athletes, for instance.
The medico-social sector is regularly recruiting and several positions are available in this page – such as general practitioner or specialized doctor, oderly, nurse, dental assistant, laboratory technician but also medical secretary and trainer among many others.

This business sector also allows you to benefit from certain career paths – such as becoming a health manager. Depending on your potential future employer, you will have to work for a general or specialized public. Indeed, some health professionals can combine their job with their passion – as it is the case for sports medicine, for instance.
Since you will be working with patients and within a team most of the time, you will need to show some essential skills and qualities – such as good interpersonal skills, listening skills, empathy, team spirit, flexibility regarding working hours and stress resistance – to your recruiter during the interview.

Among the list of the greatest recruiting companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we find LNS (Luxembourg National Health Laboratory), Ketterthill as well as BioneXt Lab and many others. Each job offer lists the numerous prerequisites for each position – such as diplomas, training or professional experience. We advise you to better adapt your application – CV and cover letter – before submitting it in order to put all the odds in your favor.