Job advertisements for educator in Luxembourg

On this page, you will find several opportunities for the job of educator, graduated educator or specialized aducator among others in Luxembourg.

By sending your application for any job offer available in this page, you will be working as an educator in several companies in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

In childcare centres or organizations that receive young children (day-care centres, children’s homes, pediatric services, games libraries, etc.), the role of the early years’ educator (EYE) will be to accustom and educate the toddlers to the main rules of hygiene and safety, but also to propose activities that encourage the development of language and stimulate their creativity. The main assignments of the early years’ educator will be to welcome children, to set up pedagogical development approaches and to organize the children's living environment.

For a long time, the recruitment market for this job has been largely represented by women educators, but men are becoming more and more interested in the education sector in Luxembourg. In order to work as an EYE, specialized educator or specialized technical educator, it will be necessary to have a DEEJE (State Diploma of Early Years Educator) or a State Diploma of Specialized Educator (DEES).

In general, the tasks of the educator will depend on the place and the service in which he or she works, the age of the children he or she is taking care of, and on other specificities such as children with disabilities or from so-called “difficult” neighborhoods. In the last two cases, we will speak of a specialized educator or specialized technical educator, a job that consists in taking charge of the educational accompaniment of children in difficulty, and acting as a real monitor for children with physical or mental disabilities (mainly in the Work Assistance Establishment and Service ESAT) or for those who live in neighborhoods or children’s home (sometimes we will speak of a street educator). In this job, the educator will be in contact with several professionals such as teachers or even child welfare services.

Regardless of the specialty you choose, make sure you complete well your application for the job of educator. Employers will be very attentive to certain qualities such as excellent communication and listening skills, good personal and emotional balance, and a great sense of empathy. When recruiters will read your resume and cover letter, they will expect to see those qualities, so you should not neglect them while applying for a job offer.

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