Job advertisements for teacher in Luxembourg

After all, don’t we say that teaching is the best job in the world? Discover now the teaching occupation and job offers available in Luxembourg.

The greatest Education / Training “recruiter” is the Ministry of National Education. Each year, it decides how many job offers as teachers will be available in order to provide the best education and learning for the different students.

As there are several important European institutions in Luxembourg, you can also find many accredited European Schools. If you want to work in this kind of educational establishment, you should know that the recruitment process is carried out by the school recruiters directly – and not by the State. We can also mention other private sector employers – such as business schools. Do not hesitate to consult the job offers available. As a teacher, you will have to follow a pedagogy established by the Ministry of National Education and the teaching staff to promote learning no matter the school you will work in. Teachers are also expected to bring their own pedagogical approach. As you probably already know it, teaching is a vocation.
If you have a Bachelor, you can access the competitive exams to become a primary school teacher – often referred as an A2 category position in French. If you want to be a teacher in middle and high schools – referred as an A1 category position in French – you will need to have at least a Master to send your applications.

Any European citizen can become a teacher with a civil servant position in Luxembourg. If you manage the Luxembourg’s 3 official languages – namely Luxembourgish, French and German. Each candidate must therefore pass the eliminatory round to prove his / her knowledge of these three languages before accessing the competitive exams to become a teacher / civil servant.
The Luxembourg Ministry of National Education is sorely lacking in applications for teacher positions. The government is launching a major hiring campaign every year to remedy the problem. Discover without any further delay the job offers available on You could then have a Permanent contract and work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.