Job advertisements level bachelor in Luxembourg

Are you looking for an internship or a permanent contract with a Bachelor's degree? Here is a list of job offers for you in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg education system has gone through many changes. Degrees awarded in secondary schools have long been required to access rapidly the job market. Today, degrees in tertiary education are recognised worldwide and this include the 3-year degree "Licence" or Bachelor's degree.

You can pursue with a Bachelor's degree if you already possess a 2-year technical degree DUT, or BTS (France or Luxembourg) or any other equivalent degree. The Bachelor's degree can be obtained in college or university, or in management schools or specialised schools. The University of Luxembourg ( is empowered to award the Bachelor's degree, as well as the Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion du Luxembourg (ECG), or the Institut Supérieur de l'Economie (ISE), or the Sacred Heart University of Luxembourg (SHU).
Luxembourg is attracting a lot of candidates across the globe, who want to work within a challenging and international environment and enjoy from a good quality of life.

In Luxembourg, sometimes there is no real advantage to present a Bachelor's degree to employers. The 2-year degree BTS or the DAP remain very popular for most recruiters. A Bachelor's degree may be an asset if this training includes an apprenticeship or internship period.
If you possess a Bachelor's degree you may work in various fields. You can work in an engineering design firm, or as a assistant technician, providing support to engineers, or mechanics. You may be an inhouse sales officer, a real estate agent, or a supply chain officer, etc. Finally, your Bachelor's degree will be highly appreciated in human resources and payroll management.

On Moovijob job offers for Bachelor level are diverse and mostly concern jobs in financial services, information technology, sales and retail, industry and construction. Recruiters are working for the banking industry, fund investment companies, insurance companies, IT services providers, sales and retail industry, real estate, industry, and building.