Job advertisements for technician in Luxembourg

Discover the job offers for a position of maintenance technician, helpdesk technician or laboratory technician available in Luxembourg on this page.

By sending your application for a position as technician, you will have the opportunity to find a job in many business sectors in Luxembourg.

  • In the construction sector or even the industry sector, the maintenance technician might be asked to perform routine machinery maintenance. By applying for our job advertisements in this field, you will be recruited to study plans, technical files or constructor instructions, as well as to diagnose and resolve failures or dysfunctions. With a sound experience, you will be able to develop your career and work as a maintenance engineer, manage a specific technology such as CMMS or join other types of companies such as manufacturers or industrial production companies.

  • In the tech and telecommunications sector, the positions of helpdesk technician, IT technician and optical fiber technician are highly sought after by recruiters, as the hiring market in this sector is very competitive in Luxembourg. In IT, the helpdesk technician's job will be to ensure the proper functioning of computing and electronic equipment while providing assistance to users when they need it. The information technology technician – more commonly known as IT technician – will have a real support function and must be able to provide assistance for any problem (breakdown, bug, etc.) or any other specific requests. Employers also offer many positions for support technicians in order to manage a network, install new equipment and secure networks. Thus, a good knowledge of computer programs (software and hardware) and operating systems is required.

  • If you land a job as a laboratory technician, you will carry out biological analyses, monitoring tests and be responsible for the preparation of experiments. As a laboratory technician you will be able to work in many different fields such as pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies, clinical laboratories, and agri-food businesses.