Job advertisements for helpdesk in Luxembourg

Here you will find numerous open vacancies as an agent or helpdesk technician in Luxembourg.

The Helpdesk agent must first provide IT support and telephone assistance like a teleadvisor, and therefore talk with the user (customer) to understand his need/problem. This exchange enables you to establish a diagnosis and is very important in the management of a file. Recruiters are therefore very attentive to qualities related to listening & speaking.

As far as IT skills are concerned, working environments are very varied and teams are often specialised. Indeed, some take care of the hardware and software part (including the messaging part) while others are more oriented infrastructure, system, and network. Depending on the company, the specific nature of the service and the client for whom a recruitment is open, the job advertisement will mention specific knowledge that will enable the computer technician to provide the solution to the problem encountered.

The Helpdesk technician job is a generalist job that don't need specific requirements in terms of diploma. However, recruiters mostly ask candidates to have at least a two-year technical degree or equivalent.
Moreover, if you speak French, and/ or English and/ or German you might increase your chances of finding a permanent job. Companies in Luxembourg are operating within an international environment and need multilingual profiles.