Job advertisements on permanent contract in Luxembourg

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General context for permanent contract in Luxembourg

The permanent employment contract, also called permanent contract (or in French, CDI - contrat à durée indéterminée) is the most issued contract in Luxembourg and the surrounding regions. It is concluded between an employer and an employee and may be for full or part time work. In Luxembourg, it is expected to remain the general and normal form of the working relationship.

Trial period - notice - dismissal

You may be subject to a trial period ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months. You cannot resign during the first 15 days of this period, except for serious misconduct. Beyond these 15 days, you must observe a notice period, which depends on your seniority in the company :

  • Up to 5 years of experience: 1 month
  • Between 5 and 10 years: 2 months
  • Over 10 years: 3 months In Luxembourg only companies with more than 150 employees are required to have a pre-dismissal interview. The notice period starts every two weeks and after 5 years, you will receive an indemnity. Before making your choice of orientation and applying for a job advertisement, we invite you to inquire about your rights with the required authorities.

Permanent contract after a temporary contract

A permanent contract is often a logical continuation of a one-off recruitment (internship, French "VIE", temporary contract or mission). In IT, it is common to see an external consultant being approached by the host company's recruiters. Indeed, knowledge of the business and services are assets in an application, and allows to continue to work within the structure.

The professions

Certain professions are favourable to hiring on permanent contracts in Luxembourg. For example, we are looking for technicians engineers, in industry to ensure the smooth operation and optimisation of production machines and in banking to manage IT operations. Managerial profiles are required to manage increasingly complex projects in the field of finance and risk. Jobs as mechanics and electricians are popular in the construction industry. Finally, it is also possible to find permanent/part-time jobs for administrative positions to complement existing teams or to supplement staff.