Job advertisements for electrician in Luxembourg

Are you an electrician? The second work in Luxembourg is actively recruiting. Here is a list of job offers and recruitment for this profession.

The job of electrician is highly represented in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, so there are many job advertisements. Employers looking for an electrician are working in different sectors, namely in Building and public works industry / Construction.

As an electricity professional, you will manage electrical equipment (installation, maintenance, and commissioning) in accordance with the existing safety standards and regulations. Depending on your training and experience, recruiters will require knowledge in other fields such as: electronics, mechanics, automation and many others. Do not hesitate to adapt your applications for the position of electrician, depending on the work environment, and the knowledge and skills mentioned by the recruiters in their job advertisements.

In general, as with many building jobs, you can find employment as an electrician with at least a General certificate / Technical certificate. Short training courses leading to the profession (such as Tech-Level or HND or equivalent) will enable you to land the job and to rapidly move into a management position. Companies do not hesitate to resort to apprentices (through work/study contracts) to hire young professionals: electrician assistants or electricians. Depending on your orientation and the needs of the job market, you will have a profile of technician, maintenance engineer, automation specialist, electrical engineer, electromechanical engineer and you will work in the industrial, automobile and entertainment sectors.

Finally, the qualities and skills required by employers in order to work as an electrician include rigor, team spirit and meticulousness. Some environments also require working at height so you better not having vertigo and you must possess a Safe Driving Certificate (CACES) or equivalent. We advise you to consult, in greater details, the expectations of Luxembourg companies that are recruiting in the job offer descriptions.