Job advertisements for automation technician/engineer in Luxembourg

You have skills in automation and working in industrial maintenance? Here is a list of job offers that might interest you in Luxembourg.

The automation technician or engineer is a production operative. The professional is taking care of the company's fleet of machine tools and makes sure the automated and electrical systems work well. Thus, the job consists in installing, setting up and activating automated machines.
Following the installation of a new equipment, the technician may oversee testing. He/she also intervenes to analyze and fix machine failures. He/she performs routine machinery maintenance. The job often requires to have knowledge in other fields such as: computer science, electronics, robotics, mechanics, pneumatic...

On Moovijob, the job advertisements for the role of automation specialist are numerous, since it refers to several roles: electromechanics, electrical engineer, hvac, etc. As an automation technician you will increase your chance of finding a job if you already have experiences in these fields.

On the labor market, recruitment campaigns are mainly led by temporary employment agencies. Often specialised, they maintain privileged contacts with employers. During your search, you will quickly identify the companies to follow, and where to send your applications.
You can access a position in maintenance with a short vocational training diploma such as CAP, BEP (General or Technical certificate). Other courses such as Bac Pro (Tech level), BTS (two-year technical degree), Licence Pro (Bachelor), master's degree in a university or engineering school are also possible, and allow you to progress more quickly in the following positions: department manager, project manager in the design office, salesperson, plant manager.

If you want to work as an automation specialist, you will be expected to be rigorous and meticulous. You have two main objectives: to reduce production line downtime and to optimize machine performance. Since you will be in touch with various professionals, and many type of equipment, you will be asked to have great ability to adapt yourself to complex environments, and be familiar with English technical documents.