Job advertisements in the field of investment funds in Luxembourg

Are you working in investment banking or asset management? Here is a list of job offers that might interest you in Luxembourg.

Since the 80s, Luxembourg has developed a strong and stable legal and financial framework for potential investors. Today, the country is the first fund center in Europe, and holds the second place internationally behind the U.S.. The finance industry is very dynamic: it employs up to 50,000 professionals and counts for more than one-third of the country's GDP.

If you consult job offers on this page you will see many hiring companies. Open vacancies are diverse and enable you to work in different financial and legal organisations. The most popular jobs are in:

  • front-office: professionals are investing in financial products, managing buys and sells of shares.
  • middle and back-office: fund accountants are needed to deal with financial operations, report regularly, control and support asset managers in optimising the portfolio profits. We also find all trades of finance and bank industry: compliance, tax, audit. Fund administrators and managers are wanted to work on assets allocation: through studies on stocks performance and investment strategies. Other roles are also offered for legal professionals.

We regularly advertise job ads for asset management companies such as Lemanik, PATRIZIA Real Estate Investment, Tristan Capital Partners, Alter Domus, Aztec Group Amundi, Northern Trust, is not uncommon to see job offers from recruiting firms, since they usually work on key recruitment projects (AXIS Group, Gotofreedom, Randstad,...).
Financial activities are subject to a legal framework, this is the reason why companies are also looking for experts in law. Tax managers may be legal advisors or investment funds lawyer.

Recruiters particularly appreciate profiles who can demonstrate a proven experience. In this sector, senior profiles are very wanted and considered for management roles. If this is your case, then don't hesitate to send your application to recruiting firms.

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