Job advertisements in the field of customer relations, center in Luxembourg

If your dream is to work in customer relations and after-sales service, there are many companies in Luxembourg that have the perfect job for you.

Long gone is the time when, in a commercial relationship between a seller and a buyer, everything was done face-to-face. Because today many transactions are carried out on the Internet, because the offer of products and services has become more complex and specialised, and because we are in an era where everything must be optimised and at the right cost, the professions of customer relations and after-sales service (sav) have developed.

Having in common the passion for interaction and the desire to help, the customer relations professions are more diversified than we can imagine. Of course there are call centers, with two main types of jobs. On one hand there are telemarketers, with few recruitments in Luxembourg, who are in charge of commercialising services for their customers in the telecommunications or energy sectors, for example. And on the other hand, telesalesperson and telemarketers, where many more job opportunities are offered. They are the ones behind the hotline numbers you have to call after a problem with a purchased product or a problem with a contract. The hotline agent can then initiate troubleshooting, repairing, returning the goods, etc.

It is not necessary to be a technician or lawyer to get these jobs, as in-house training is often provided by employers, and the questions/answers are generally computer-assisted. However, a very good elocution is required, as well as patience, empathy and self-control. The job of telephone counsellor can be offered both in permanent and fixed-term contracts. There are also job advertisements for supervisors. Supervisors are responsible for managing teams of telephone counsellors.
The job of helpdesk technician is another example of a customer relations job, when it takes place by telephone and not in person for internal staff within a company. His/her purpose is to solve technical or IT problems for customers remotely.

If you feel the fiber of the customer relationship in you, recruiters are waiting for your application in Luxembourg.